480 x 60 x 384 in.
Acrylic on Tyvek® with grommets
Courtesy of the Artist
Commission, Rochester Art Center

Adjacent to the exhibition is a large-scale public artwork commissioned from Labovitz by the Rochester Art Center for its atrium. Responding to the soaring, three-story space, Labovitz created a new 40 x 35 x 5 ft. installation, which will be on display through the coming year. According to the artist, “This work celebrates the connection of art and well-being, and responds to the physicality of architecture, materiality, and gestural, emotive mark making. For me, natural light is a medium.” It is also inspired by philosophical ideas such as Viktor Frankl’s notion that the search for life’s meaning is the central human motivational force. On view through May 12, 2024.