The Nexus of Well Being and Art: Anne Labovitz, 2023. Published by Rochester Art Center

The Nexus of Well-Being and Art exhibition catalog with essays by Matthew Villar Miranda, Monica Zimmerman, and Lisa Bravo. The publication documents Anne Labovitz’s process to create this new body of work and contextualizes it within contemporary art practice. It highlights the exhibition at Rochester Art Center in 2022-2023. The exhibition encompasses nearly thirty new artworks, including six 6 x 6 ft. paintings that incorporate words from interviews and research into health and well-being; three large, 6 x 6 ft. light sculptures entitled LightWindows; an immersive 15 x 15 x 3 ft. Tyvek® sculpture that hangs from the ceiling; and sixteen small Tyvek® paintings between heavy panels of acrylic. In what has become a signature element of many of Labovitz’s exhibitions, participants are offered an opportunity to participate and contribute to the content of the exhibition. The participatory Well-Being Wall invites visitors to create their own artwork and exhibit it on the large, gridded wall. The artworks examine and experiment with light and color and are underpinned by the concept of art as a pathway to well-being. Each work reflects the artist’s extensive research and her interviews with health professionals, manifested through materiality, intense mark making, abstracted text, and precise and intuitive color selection. Sponsored by Nuss Truck & Equipment and maurices.  

Anne Labovitz: Water Stories, 2022. Published by Minnesota Marine Art Museum

This publication documents the exhibition Anne Labovitz: Water Stories at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, Minnesota in 2022. For this exhibition, Labovitz created colorful and powerful large-scale works and installations that invited the audience to consider their lives in connection to water. The new work examined water in different visual manifestations–highlighting its powerful and mesmerizing presence. Labovitz also considered bodies of water as a place for contemplation, solus, and as a site for reflection. Through painting, sculpture, and a large room installation, audiences are offered an immersive and participatory experience. The exhibition included 9 paintings, a large-scale installation, and artist’s books. “Water Stories reflects ideas of the regenerative qualities of water, expressed visually through painting, installation, and sound. Water, SunSet Memories, the painted tyvek room, is an invitation for viewers to become immersed in a tranquil colorfield of blue while experiencing water sounds.” – Anne Labovitz 

Beacons of Hope: Anne Labovitz, Concordia University - St Paul, 2021.

Beacons of Hope: Anne Labovitz is an exhibition catalog with an essay by curator Dr Megan Arney Johnston. In Beacons of Hope Labovitz presented sculpture, installation, and participatory works that center on the conceptual and gestural elements of hope. In the exhibition, Labovitz asked the viewer to engage and reimagine–through hope. In addition to the exhibition of sculptures and installations created specifically for Concordia Art Gallery, Labovitz also worked with students as an artist-in-residence. Part of this response was co-creation with others, as we hope for our future. Together Labovitz and students created just some of the 6” by 6” squares in the exhibit. Others were created as part of an on-going exhibition engagement.

Published by Concordia University – St Paul

122 Person to Person, Art Beyond Borders. Venues in Canada, Sweden, Russia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Japan and the United States.

122 Person to Person, Art Beyond Borders by Anne Labovitz is an artist-led project spanning six continents. This publication documents that six-year project by US-based Artist Anne Labovitz. At the core of 122 Person to Person, Art Beyond Borders lies a gesture of cross-cultural friendship and the belief that art can be a catalyst for positive social change. This artist-led project includes exhibitions, interventions, workshops, and a catalog. Envisioned and produced by US-based artist Anne Labovitz, the entire project spanned six years and six countries. Over that time the artist connected with more than 3500 people. Together, they and Labovitz created nearly 2000 artworks. Organized through the network of Duluth Sister Cities International, the exhibition tour included venues in Canada, Sweden, Russia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Japan and the United States. The catalog documents the project and includes artist Field Notes, 698 color images, and three essays by noted international curator Darsie Alexander, public art expert Jack Becker, and artist and Executive Director of Instituto de Vision Omayra Alvarado

Published by the Tweed Museum of Art at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, Minnesota.

Response: New Work by Anne Labovitz, 2020, Burnet Fine Art & Advisory, Minneapolis.

Response: Anne Labovitz documents the exhibition of new work by Anne Labovitz with a catalog with essays by Marion Lovett. The exhibition included work about how political, social, and cultural platforms can be turned into personal acts of care. This work is about Labovitz’s time during COVID-19 and is a direct response. Each work was titled the day it was completed, marking the artist’s time alone. In March 2020, she had COVID-19 and was secluded in her bedroom. Immediately following, Labovitz  felt the pressing need to create and respond. Urgency can be seen in the fierceness of color and the feeling of my mark making. Labovitz’s response comes from an intense solitude. Labovitz was considering what was happening in the world and her role in it. Concurrently Labovitz was working on a commission about travel, isolation, solitude, and longing. “ These works are about hope for the future; for a connection between people as we struggle through current complexities. The paintings reflect this idea because they were made in my domestic space yet became a way for me to reach out and blur the lines between private and public and between you and me.” – Anne Labovitz

Published by Burnet Fine Art & Advisory.

Anne Labovitz: Composite Portraits, 2013, Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, MN.

This full-color 32-page exhibition catalogue is from the Anne Composite Portrait exhibit in the Special Exhibition Gallery from June 4 – August 11, 2013. The artworks on exhibition are densely layered portraits made to appear highly textured. The artworks combine drawing with multi-colored painting surface and woodblock printing overlays. The work is intended to represent a mixture of feeling and memories represented in a close relationship.

Published by the Tweed Museum of Art at the University of Minnesota – Duluth in Duluth, Minnesota.