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Schale 2020: Post COVID 2020

Anne Labovitz: Visuals
Bill Gamble: Sound Scape

Schale 2020: Post COVID 2020 from Anne Labovitz on Vimeo.




 Schale 5, Free Range Film Festival, Wrenshall, Minnesota, A. Labovitz and W. Gamble (2014)

Schale 5 from Anne Labovitz on Vimeo.


2011_cover_image Anne Labovitz Composite Portraits

Full color catalog of artwork from Anne Labovitz shown in her recent exhibition at the Tweed Museum    of Art in Duluth in 2013.  The 17 pieces are beautifully laid out in this 10″ by 10″ book with curatorial  statement from Tweed Art Director, Ken Bloom, and commentary from Christina Chang, Curator at the  Minnesota Museum of American Art.






Dungeon Depths Dungeon Depths: Two Artists Explore the Self-Portrait, A. Labovitz and C.  Best

 “This delightful diary-style book charts an artistic journey of two artists who spend a month together  painting self-portraits. Anne Labovitz and Carole Best live in different countries but as friends and  artists share many things. It’s a great read – lively, funny, poignant and serious all at the same time. A  peek into the working lives of two contemporary artists.”




 Farbenzug (Color Train), Artist Book, A. Labovitz and W. Gamble

Commuting by train between his office in Bielifeld, Germany and his home in Hanover, Germany, Bill  Gamble shows us that the journey, not just the destination, is to be enjoyed. These Haiku poems capture  the seasons and scenery that passed by the train window as Bill returned home on his nightly one-hour  ride. Anne Labovitz later illustrated Bill’s work using colorful and evocative monoprints, Together, the  words and art captures a world of changing wonder and beauty. It is an edition of seven artist books, one of  which is in the permanent collection of the La Jolla Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, and The  Minnesota Historical Society.





 Honoral and Zarina: A Tale of Two Friends, A. Labovitz and W. Gamble

 A story following a few weeks in the life of a wildebeest and zebra herd, as seen through the eyes of a  zebra girl, Zarina, and a wildebeest boy, Honoral.  It takes place in easter Africa, Kenya and Tanzania,  during a spell of rainy weather. Lovely story of friendship, and the meeting of challenges by youth – in  this case the nomadic wanderings of a herd, and then, lions!




A Dozen Dungeon Days A Dozen Days in the Dungeon, A. Labovitz and C. Best

 This book is the latest publication by Anne Labovitz and Carole Best. Like their preceding books this is a  collaborative effort that describes 12 working days in Anne’s studio. It presents a unique glimpse of their  working partnership, the ups and downs of the creative process and features high quality reproductions  of some of the works produced during their time together.





Dungeon Dwellings #2Dungeon Dwellings 2, A. Labovitz and C. Best

The only thing scary about this dungeon is the amount of paint that flew when Carole Best and Anne Labovitz get together to work. In 2006, artist Carole Best few from her home in Australia to Hannover, Germany where Anne and her family were living. For 23 days the two painted side-by-side in Anne’s “dungeon,” the studio she set up in the basement of her home. This book captures the time they spent together painting, discussing and creating. It is a wonderful glimpse into the artists’ lives, techniques, inspirations, and motivations.





Champagne Book

Champagne Book, A. Labovitz and C. Best

What kind of wine goes with art? Champagne, of course! Anne Labovitz and Carole Best are serious about their work and about their bubbly. This little book chronicles their month of painting and champagne. View their incredible work, enjoy their friendship, and find reviews of their favorite and not-so-favourite vintages.






Maurice’s Commission Update #1 (2015)


Video Blog

Carole Best is an Australian artist who lives in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. She has been attracted to the face as subject matter from the outset of her artistic career. Carole’s preference is for techniques that allow direct, expressive and physical artmaking experiences, such as painting and drawing. Carole as been a finalist in several major portrait prizes and has work in private collections in the United States and in Australia. She currently divides her time betweer her work as an educator in a Sydney museum and her painting. Her favourite colour is black.

Anne and Carole have worked together since 1997. They have collaborated on four books: Dungeon dwellings [Champagne book], Dungeon dwellings #2, A dozen dungeon days, and Dungeon depths: two artists explore teh self-portrait. The first exhibition of their work, Mostra, was held in 1997 in Barga, Italy. Since then, they have had two more exhibitions together: Dungeon duo in 2000 and, in 2001, Brown is black.

Check out Anne and Carole’s nightly video blogging during a 3 week project in America while exploring portraiture, self-portraiture, woodcuts and carving projects! Join the Dungeon Duo in their fun laughs, adventures and experiments!


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