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June News Flash

Warm greetings to you! I hope this finds you well. 122 Conversations marches on opening a few days ago in Petrozavodsk, Russia at Petrozavodsk City Exhibition Hall! I was able to attend the opening virtually through Skype with the assistance of several friends studying at Petrozavodsk State University lending their hands to engage with the public and live-stream the event!After opening three international exhibitions in 5 months this year, I want to pause to thank the 200+ volunteers that have generously donated their time, energy and spirit to facilitate this cross cultural community building project. The project would not have been possible without you and I am humbled and grateful for your participation. In particular, I would like to thank Duluth ambassador Devan Burnette (third from left in large picture) for carrying the suitcase to Petrozavodsk through two flights with major delays and a train ride! Devan was on hand at the opening to read a letter with opening remarks from me and excerpts from a letter from Duluth Mayor Emily Larson expressing support for the project and greetings to the people of Petrozavodsk.

Unique to this sister city exhibition are nearly 50 photos exhibited alongside the artwork to further document the participatory nature of the project. The photos chronicle the path 122 Conversations has taken to reach Russia and include images from prior exhibitions in Thunder Bay, Canada, Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan and Växjö, Sweden. Citizens from these sister cities are depicted engaging in 122 Conversations effectively carrying forth the global exchange to the citizens of Russia. Also included are beautiful images of Duluth from local photographer, Jennifer Labovitz. The photos will remain in Russia traveling to another gallery at the close of the exhibition.

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In other news, one of my films produced in collaboration with Bill Gamble has been selected to be a part of Altered Aesthetics Film Fest. As part of ARTshare, the AE Film Festival is presenting its fourth season at The Southern Theater here in Minneapolis, June 1-3 and will include Schale 2.

122 Conversations in Photos

Unique to the Petrozavodsk exhibition are photos chronicling the project’s journey through other cities. At left are photos of students from Sweden participating in Choices.


As part of 122 Conversations, Choices is a participatory piece that invites people of all ages to contribute using painted tiles. Each person makes their mark directly on the tile through words or drawings which is then displayed in the gallery in each city. Currently, I have collected nearly 1000 tiles with more to be created in Petrozavodsk during the current exhibition and in the fall when 122 Conversations continues its path to Japan. These tiles will all travel to the archive exhibition at the Tweed Museum of Art in 2018.

Thank you for receiving my monthly newsletter! I am so grateful! I know I am alive because of you. All good wishes to you!

Anne Labovitz

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