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July News Flash

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the summer months! 122 Conversations has attained another milestone, wrapping up its fourth exhibition is as many countries. The travel suitcase will return home from Petrozavodsk in the next few days filled with hundreds of Choices tiles to be added to the mounting collection of contributions that will be exhibited in Duluth in fall of 2018. Thank you to the Duluth sister cities delegation and most especially Neil Glazeman for carrying the exhibition suitcase home! The Petrozavodsk exhibition was visited by over 500 adults, children and students over a course of 19 days. Within that time, the gallery hosted eight concerts, two master art classes for youth and sponsored one excursion. Duluth Mayor Emily Larson sent a warm welcome to the people of Petrozavodsk in support of the project! Thank you Mayor Larson!

The exhibition was featured in the following news articles:

Laikka Media, May 24, 2017

Laikka Media, May 26, 2017

Karelia News

Hello Anne, June 11, 2017


122 Conversations will travel next to Ohara Isumi-City, Japan before returning home to Duluth. The Tweed Museum of Art will host the project’s final exhibition September 25 through December 31st, 2018. The culminating event at the Tweed will feature the artwork created specifically for each of the sister cities as well as return contributions from the people of each city offered in response through two engagement pieces, Choices & All Sign Together. (see large image above) These two opportunities are the vehicle to continue the cross cultural dialogue, using artwork created in many workshops, student art classes and by the public at each location. All the components will reunite in Duluth where the full conversation will be revealed.

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International Suitcase Carriers

122 Conversations is hand carried to its international destinations. When I am unable to do this myself, I rely on DSCI volunteer representatives to deliver the entire exhibition in my stead. Thank you to Parker Hinnenkamp, a musician with the handbell choir Strikepoint from Duluth, for transporting 122 conversations back to the USA from Växjö Sweden!

New from the studio

If you have been to my studio recently, you are aware of my newest series, Color Washes. The image at right, Informed Optimism: Turquoise, measures 30″ by 30″ and is part of this new series. Contact me to see these and others. I love studio visits!

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Anne Labovitz


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