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July News Flash 

Completed and installed! My most recent commission measures 10 feet by 20 feet on canvas. The commission now resides at the headquarters of madesmart®, a Minnesota based, Women Owned™ housewares design company. The large scale piece incorporates the history of the founding of the company and design elements found in the products of madesmart®. The above photo was taken during the unveiling, a champagne reception for the team at the company headquarters. I loved learning about the company’s founder, Devee, her team and the ethos of madesmart®. I love commissions!The I love You Institute at Divas & Drag! The amazing event is an unabashed celebration of identity presented by Arbeit Opera Theater & Lush, The evening showcased the art of Drag and the spectacle of Opera, highlighting community, and what brings us together. I was thrilled to bring the I Love You Institute, my artist-led initiative, to this inclusive event. The public was invited to create a scroll in response to the prompt: What does PRIDE mean to you? I encourage you to look for Diva and Drags by Albreit opera next year! 

Along with my amazing co-chairs, Seena Hodges and Linda Singh, I invite you to join us for Avant Garden, the Walker Art Center’s annual benefit and party of the year! The event promises a signature Walker party experience with gourmet food, craft cocktails, a premier art auction, live music, and dancing. Proceeds support the Walker Art Center’s award-winning artistic and educational programs.

Tickets to Avant garden!Tickets on sale online or call 612.375.7641.
Event date: September 21, 2019 Avant Garden Co-chairs: Anne Labovitz, Linda Singh & Seena Hodges
Photographer: Bobby Rogers
I Love You pop upThe I love You Institute at Divas & Drag! The event included a creative workshop combining performative painting, dialogue, art making, social justice and radical kindness. Photo by Jason Bucklin.

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Wishing you and your loved ones joy! I LOVE YOU!

Anne Labovitz



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