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Happy May Day! Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow for a while and can begin to enjoy the new life that is springing up all around!The 122 Conversations travel bag has returned from Rania two paintings lighter. The city in Iraqi Kurdistan requested to keep two of the paintings at the University of Raparin where the exhibition was held. One half of the diptych from Inspired by Rania and one half from Inspired by Duluth will be permanently on display along with other artifacts archiving the sister city relationship. By melding these two paintings and displaying them together as their own diptych, the city celebrates its sister city relationship with Duluth.

In previous newsletters, I expressed my gratitude to Michele Naar-Obed, a Duluth Sister City, Intl. (DSCI) delegate for hand carrying the exhibition to and from Rania. The amazing Michelle also hand carried funds to help rebuild a library in Syria just across the Iraq border. The full story of this journey by this brave and inspiring woman was printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It is absolutely worth the read and can be found here. Many, many thanks to Michelle for being an ambassador of peace, making both 122 Conversations a community building exhibition and for her work to help rebuild a war torn city.

The next opening for the project is Petrozavodsk, Russia, scheduled for May 25th through June 17th at Petrozavodsk City Exhibition Hall. It will be carried to Russia by a recent graduate of the University of MN who will also assist with installation and documentation of the exhibition. Photos and videos will be uploaded to and to all other social network platforms (see below). I am looking forward to Skype-ing with the citizens of Petrozavodsk during these dates to facilitate engagement pieces that will again be returned to Minnesota and added to the growing archive of conversations for the culminating event at the Tweed Museum of Art Fall 2018!

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The image above can be found on Instagram along with many of the other faces of individuals engaging in the conversation. The Swedish student uses a tile from Choices to communicate her thoughts. She writes: “Hi! I hope you have your dream life. You must care of your life. You must laugh and have fun. Love too. #liveyourlife” Her tile along with hundreds of others covered the wall in Växjö, Sweden and will be shown at the Archive exhibition at the Tweed Museum of Art in fall of 2018.

122 Conversations remaining in Rania

At left are the two paintings that remained in Iraq at the University of Raparin. Each painting is one half of two diptychs. The left is one half of Inspired by Duluth. The right is one half of Inspired by Rania. The paintings will be on permanent display at the University of Raparin to symbolize the sister city relationship of Duluth and Rania.

Space Bodies: The imperceptible SelfThis past year I participated in Space Bodies in New York City and Berlin. Curated by Andrea Spaziani, the event brought together art professionals across all mediums. The performance is chronicled in Else Journal, vol. 2, January 2017. At right is a picture of Ana MacArthur and myself during the performance in a similar pocketed apron used for 122 Conversations.

Thank you for receiving my monthly newsletter! I am so grateful! I know I am alive because of you. All good wishes to you!

Anne Labovitz

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