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Greetings! Happy spring! As the culminating 122 Conversations exhibition draws near, I am busy in the studio preparing. Above you can see a preview of the aprons that were created specifically for Duluth as part of Choices. My wonderful master seamstress, Suy Path is beautifully modeling one of 8 aprons she recently sewed. They are Celestial Generosity Aprons inspired by United Under a Night Sky (seen below), a unique diptych sent to each sister city. The aprons are just one piece of this exhibition, but a part that has encouraged participation and collaboration as an expression of generosity and reciprocity. 

United Under the Night Sky for Japan, acrylic on canvas, 67″ by 35′, 2017
Musical Studio Pop up
This past Saturday, my studio hosted a musical pop up. It was a great night with friends and music! William Gamble and the Arkanauts and 113 Composers Collective performed! I loved having the amazing musicians playing in the studio!

1994 exhibition at Duluth Art Institute- video of Anne Labovitz talking about her artist process and remembering her grandmother artist Ella Labovitz.

As some of you know my grandmother artist Ella Labovitz was my mentor and is my muse. I recently rediscovered this 3:50 minute video accompanying a 1994 exhibition with my grandmother. The footage is a nice tribute to my grandmother and our artistic practice.

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