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July News FlashGreetings! June may have been a little wet and stormy but the spirits at Northern Spark were not dampened! As many of you know I was a participating artist in the all night festival at the Weisman Art Museum on June 14/15. My project, Conversant Portraits, was an interactive portrait-making session utilizing projection, live stream via sponsor Live Beats, social media, and conversations with participants at the festival to produce a series of paintings exploring human connection and dialogue.

The final results, after 8 hours, are the four large scale paintings seen above which are now available for sale through Burnet Gallery. Each painting is 48″ x 48″ and priced at $8,000 each. A portion of the sales proceeds will go to the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis. Contact Burnet Art Gallery for details at or 612.767.6824.

So many people and organizations helped make Northern Spark and Conversant Portraits the success that it was. My sincerest gratitude and heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of you including:

  • Northern Spark, the willing and engaging public braving the storms throughout the night and those who participated through social media. The four paintings could not have been created without the nearly 500 participants at the festival and those who contributed via Facebook or Twitter. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Weisman Art Museum for partnering in this project and providing a wonderful space to create these artworks.
  • Tweed Museum of Art and Duluth Sister Cities International. Conversant Portraits was a pilot for my upcoming international exhibition being held in collaboration with these two organizations beginning fall of this year.
  • Live Beats for providing live streaming throughout the entire night! The stream is now on my website and you can watch how the paintings developed throughout the evening. This is the first time I have used this technology and plan to do so again. Would love to hear feedback on your experience watching the project live. Post on my Facebook page!
  • Jennifer Phelps and Burnet Gallery. As stated above, the paintings will be sold through Burnet Gallery with the Weisman receiving a portion of the proceeds. I am immensely grateful for my professional relationship with both Jennifer and the Burnet Gallery.
  • Bloggers and newsletters who mentioned the project including Ed Newman, Sailorr Taylorr and Rain Taxi.
  • Independent curator, Megan Johnston, Katy Dieperink and my interns, Owen Duncan and Amber Skarjune, who stayed with me the whole night! Megan was instrumental in fostering a positive environment that allowed the participants to engage in the project and helped keep me energized all night!
SchaleThroughout the night, Shale 1, 3, 4 and 5 were projected on to the walls of the Target studio during Northern Spark. All the videos were created in collaboration with Bill Gamble. Imagery was provided by me with sound scape created by Bill. You can view the videos here.
Thank you for receiving my monthly newsletter! Have a delightful summer!Anne Labovitz2013 Artist of the Year named by the Duluth Depot Foundation

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