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August News Flash Hello there! Each month I look forward to sharing some of my exciting news with all of you and this month is no different. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to let you know what is happening in my professional life and thank you for receiving this newsletter. The image above of me working in my studio is a still shot from a video produced by Olga Ivanova. Olga is a wonderful, local freelance photographer who shoots all my artwork. She is currently working on video and has produced a video entitled, Adding A Layer, which demonstrates the process of the pulley system I employ in my studio to add woodcuts to large canvasses. The condensed video is 1:10 and skillfully done! As many of you know, The Miller Dwan Foundation and its support for the Amberwing is near and dear to my heart. The mission of the Miller-Dwan Foundation is to improve the health of the people of our region through the creation of impactful community initiatives and I have donated pieces to their silent auction for years to help support them in their mission. Their annual report is now available and I am honored to have my work featured in this report. My last news item comes from Artist Portfolio Magazine, an online resource that offers art reviews, opportunities for artists as well as monthly artist features. The May edition of Artist Portfolio featured myself and another artist.
Commissions I love commissions and am happy to report I have several in the works at the moment! The one you see here at right was just completed and delivered. The multi-layered text in white on top of the image tells the subject’s story, chronicling his family history as well as professional and personal relationships. Look for updates over the next few months.
New From the Studio Drippy edges! I love the way the edges of my canvasses look with the paint spilling over and adhering to the sides.
Thank you for receiving my monthly newsletter! Anne Labovitz 2013 Artist of the Year named by the Duluth Depot Foundation


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