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June News Flash

Warmest greetings to you all! Looking forward to the next few summer months filled with art activities! I have just returned from Thunder Bay, Ontario where I completed interviews with 10 citizens of the city, including Mayor Keith Hobbs, for my 122 Conversations project. It was wonderful getting to know the interviewees and a heartfelt thank you goes out to them for graciously accepting the invitation to be a part of 122. Thank you also to the Sister City of Thunder Bay and to the Thunder Bay Art Gallery for taking such good care of me and where the traveling exhibition will commence September 10 of this year. Next up for the collaborative project are the Petrozavodsk, Russian interviews the week of June 8 via  Skype and the Ohara-Isumi City, Japanese interviews which will be held in person in Duluth July 3 when the delegation is in town. To keep informed of the project’s activities, check out the website and sign up for the newsletter.

My solo exhibition, Frail Features and Transcending Treeness featuring some of my earlier works is underway at the Janet Carson Gallery in Eau Claire, WI. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the gallery for hosting a lovely opening event and artist talk. The show continues through June 19. Stop by if you are in the area! More details here.Northern Spark is just around the corner and if you have yet to experience this all night art festival in Minneapolis come out June 13 at sundown to check it out! This year I will be participating in Rain Taxi’s “Revue” at the Walker Art Center. Bill Gamble and I along with others will be doing dramatic readings from author Michael Friedman‘s new book, Martian Dawn & Other Novels. These brief vignettes will be performed in three different mini-sets between 10 pm and midnight at the Walker Art Center’s “Freight Elevator Theater” (Cargill Lounge). Afterwards enjoy the rest of Northern Spark until sunrise June 14!As part of the Twin Cities art community, I feel fortunate to be able to take advantage of the multitudes of inspiring and educational activities available.This past week, I attended a conference at the Walker Art Center, Super Script: Arts Journalism and Criticism in a Digital Age. The two day conference was attended by arts professionals, writers and critics from all over the country and offered exceptional speakers and discussion panels. Transcripts of the conference are available online here.One last item of June news is the grand opening of Kit & Ace in the North Loop area of Minneapolis on Thursday, June 11. I will be participating in the event creating artworks based on real-time conversations with Kit & Ace attendees about the concept of integrity, an iteration of my 122 Conversations project.

Upcoming events in the Twin Cities:

Blog from Ireland!As you may know, last month I traveled to Ireland to be a visiting artist in the Bureau of Radical Accessibility (BRA) housed within The Model, one of Ireland’s leading contemporary art centers. Check out this blog written by Erin Fox about my artistic process!
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