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April News Flash

Warmest greetings and thank you for receiving my News Flash! Someone Else’s Story at Burnet Gallery kicked off with a wonderful turnout at the opening! Heartfelt thank you to all of you art supporters who came! It is truly wonderful to be part of a group show with artists I admire: Sonja PetersonTeo Nguyen and Tetsuya Yamada. If you missed the opening and would like to meet me there, I love to have coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or wine in the gallery. Send me an email to The show continues through April 26. Click here  for gallery details.

Star Tribune art critic Mary Abbe referred to the show as “enigmatic” and “refreshing”! The following quote is from her article:

 “Anne Labovitz pays homage to poet Edna St. Vincent Millay by layering graffiti scribbles of her poems into monochrome canvases — typically white-on-white — whose thick translucent surfaces glow like backlit ice.”

At the end of this month, I will be traveling to Sligo, Ireland for an exciting opportunity. At the invitation of Megan Johnston, the curator of The Model, I will be giving an artist talk, holding office hours and discussing my painting practice at the Bureau of Radical Accessibility.

The Model, one of Ireland’s leading contemporary arts centers, has developed the Bureau of Radical Accessibility (BRA) as a site-specific intervention in the foyer area. Staffed by Model employees and artists-in-residence, the BRA is set up in direct defiance to the closed-off office spaces in order to meet, hold discussions and conduct interviews with the public, colleagues and others. On the evening of April 29, I will be a guest at the BRA to discuss my studio-based approach and socially engaged process.

122 Conversations is a collaborative artist-led program involving Duluth and its 5 sister cities. As the artist, I will be holding conversations via Skype or in-person with people of five countries and translating them into art pieces that speak to cross-cultural understanding and compassion. Next month on May 21 and 22, I will be in Thunder Bay, Canada conducting interviews with 10 of their citizens. The Grand Opening for the international exhibition is slated for September 11 in Thunder Bay. Please join me!

The Model

Bureau of Radical Accessibility

I will be traveling to Sligo, Ireland to hold BRA office hours, offer an artist talk and discuss my painting practice — both my studio-based approach and socially engaged process. Going to be in Ireland at that time? Join me!

122 Conversations: Person to person, Art Beyond Borders

Interviews are ongoing! Sweden and Irani Kurdistan  interviews are complete! Thunder Bay, Canada participants will be interviewed in May, Oharu-Isumi City, Japan participants in July. The opening event for the international exhibition occurs this September 11 at the Thunder Bay Gallery in Canada! Follow the progress on both the 122 Conversations website and their Facebook page!

Thank you for receiving my monthly newsletter!

2015, find your dreams!

Anne Labovitz

2013 Artist of the Year named by the Duluth Depot Foundation




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