Passionate Heart Necklace


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Designed by Anne Labovitz and Created by Security Jewlers
Preorders accepted now with fulfillment beginning on December 9, 2013.  (item will ship within 24 hours)
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The sterling silver heart pendant measures just over one inch and includes a ten inch black satin cord. The Passionate Heart pendant was inspired from Anne’s original heart paintings collection. Only a limited number of pendants will be created and sold. Thank you for your order and supporting Anne’s passion to spread love through art!


Heart Paintings

12 by 12 inches acrylic on canvas.jpg264207_01d.jpg264207_01k.jpgRedIMG_4561.jpg
The Heart paintings are expressions of love, nurturing and heart centeredness. Created initially as a gift of comfort and solace to a friend in need, this cherished series has expanded and evolved into works painted with extraordinary pleasure and produced for the unassuming joy of the process. Each Heart is infused with love and exudes love.
If you wish to purchase a heart painting or commission a specialized heart, please contact the artist at info@labovitz.com


The Heart Series has had an overwhelmingly positive response resulting in a spiraling of new projects beginning with a commissioned painting from Juut Salonspa. Today, Juut continues to showcase and commission the Heart series throughout their salons. Heart paintings are also featured on the cover of two publications by the Nurtured Heart Approach, including a textbook by Howard Glasser. Most recently, a commissioned Heart was installed August 2012 in the Amberwing – Center for Youth & Well Being in Duluth Minnesota. The Heart series was also the inspiration for the Signature Wine label seen below.

Signature Wine